About Josh

Meet Josh

Josh is a degreed Wildlife Biologist who has always enjoyed the outdoors and wildlife which is what prompted his becoming a wildlife biologist. He has a background in trapping that goes back to his childhood years which allows him to not just know his business... but to know the animals and their habitats and rituals as well. He is fondly called the "coon whisperer" at the office and by customers due to his ability to mimic an adult female raccoons call to her young babies thus calling them to him.


Meet the Family

Like many that work within the animal industry Josh has two helpers in the form of black labs and a cat that believes herself to be a tiger and goes by the name Krissi.

Josh's wife Sandy keeps the office and household running while they both fight her now over 10 year battle with an inoperable brain tumor and seizures. Josh proudly sports his "Brain Tumor Awareness" flair on his work hats and they ask everyone to please help in their fight by spreading the awareness and hopefully find a cure soon!