Obviously, we do animal and wildlife removal, but we offer a host of other services as well.

Our services include.


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Home Inspections

We offer both home buyer and home seller inspections for overall wildlife or bird infestations. We received many calls from both sellers and buyers requesting this service and have added it to our list of services offered to give peace of mind during the buying or selling process.

Chimney Caps

We sell and install chimney caps for both commercial and residential customers. We use top rated caps which we stand behind and have had great success with.


Exterior Bird Deterrents

There are several options available to keep birds from roosting above entry ways, covered parking spaces, the edges of buildings or roofs. If you are having trouble with birds nesting and leaving excrement behind we would be happy to help solve this issue for you!

Vent Covers

We receive many calls, especially in the spring, that birds have gotten into a dryer or other external vent and are making nests. We sell and install vent covers which protect against birds or wildlife from entering. It's a great way to prevent future nesting.


Dead Animal Removal

We offer the service of removal of wildlife carcass' of animals that have gotten into places which they cannot get out from.