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Kansas City has three species of tree squirrels that call the area home. They are gray squirrels, fox squirrels(commonly called red squirrels), and southern flying squirrels. All three can get into your home and do damage both inside and outside.


Gray squirrels (the two local sub species; Scuirus Carolinensis Gmelin and Pennsylvanicus) are the most destructive and most frequent calls we receive.  They chew on everything from your deck to the wires inside your attic.  Wire damage can be severe and very dangerous which is why we highly recommend calling us immediately to have them removed as soon as you hear or suspect you hear them within your home's attic or walls.  The longer they are left inside your home the more hazardous they become to you and your family's safety.  Gray squirrels have two litters a year in spring and late summer.  Litters range from 1-6 babies with a local average of 2-4.

The fox squirrel (Scuirus Niger Rufiventer) are not as abundant in town as gray squirrels but can do the same amount of damage.  Fox squirrels usually only have one litter per year in the spring however, older females will have two litters and have 1-6 babies sharing the local average of 2-4 as with the gray squirrel.

Fox Squirrel
flying squirrel

The flying squirrel (Glaucomys Volans) is the third local squirrel species that will also do damage to your home both inside and out. Their litters range from 1-7 with the average being 2-4 with this species as well.

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